Bioquell, Microflow, Astec.

Bioquell, Microflow, Astec.

Microflow® Biological Safety Cabinets

The Microflow range from React Scientific includes  containment products to suit laboratory applications within  academic, pharmaceutical, biotech, healthcare, R&D and industrial sectors.

Our advanced Biological Safety Cabinets are designed with safety and efficiency features. User-friendly advanced control systems make these cabinets both versatile and reliable. The choice of Class I, Class II or Class III/I provides a range of solutions for the containment of category 1-4 pathogens.

Recirculating Fume Cupboards from Astec®


The Astec range of Recirculating Fume Cupboards utilises the latest filtration technology to offer you solutions for chemical hazard control, offering a variety of established products and new developments.

Astec Fume Cupboards combine high levels of operator protection with practical design ensuring a safe working environment and simple installation and maintenance. No ducting is required, the activated carbon filtration technology ensures any hazardous fumes are adsorbed into the filter; HEPA filters to class H13 of BS EN 1822-1 remove powders and particulates.



Class I Biological Safety Cabinet

The Class I Microbiological Safety Cabinet
provides a robust wide protected area for the
 user from aerosol hazards and other particulate
 matter within the cabinet's working area.

All extract air is exhausted through HEPA filtration generally to atmosphere although recirculation models are also available.

Class II Biological Safety Cabinet

The Microflow Class II Advanced

Biological Safety Cabinet provides operator and product protection for work with up to category 3 pathogens.

The membrane keypad allows straightforward operation of fan switching, lights and safety features. The cabinet has audible and visual alarms for air velocity and filter change ensuring maximum protection at all times.

The cabinet has a unique sliding/ hinged door mechanism that provides uninterrupted access and a 100% seal for bio-decontamination so no closing panel is needed.

Class III/I Biological Safety Cabinet

The Microflow Class III/I Advanced Biological Safety Cabinet provides operator and product protection for work with up to category 4 pathogens

The Class III/I Microbiological Safety Cabinet is a highly specialized product designed for the most hazardous work typically carried out in a containment level 3 or 4 facility.

Like the Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinet this class of cabinet provides protection for both the user and product albeit both to a much higher level. 

This adaptable dual purpose cabinet is designed for laboratories where it is essential to have Class III facilities for work on Group 4 organisms, alongside a requirement for Class I work. From Class I mode the cabinet can be instantly closed to become a Class III unit by the ready fitment of a glove port panel, should Group 4 pathogens be identified.

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