Microflow Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinet

Product ID: ABS1200CLS2

The Microflow Class II Advanced Biological Safety Cabinet provides operator and product protection for work with up to category 3 pathogens:

This cabinet has been developed specifically to utilize Hydrogen Peroxide technology for bio-decontamination, offering a realistic alternative to formaldehyde fumigation. The cabinet operates in conjunction with the Clarus™ L vapour generator to provide fast, efficient, validatable and safe gassing of the cabinet. Specifically configured for use with Hydrogen Peroxide, all construction materials have been selected for compatibility.

During bio-decontamination the cabinet operates at negative pressure eliminating leaks to the atmosphere, gas passes through all filters to ensure efficient removal of all contaminating particles. Shorter cycle times for bio-decontamination means minimal downtime in the laboratory and all units feature an anti-blowback valve allowing bio-decontamination to take place without closing the exhaust dampers.


  • Operator and product protection.
  • Negative pressure bio-decontamination cycle.
  • Bio-decontamination in the exhaust HEPA.
  • Ducted or recirculating exhaust options.
  • Carbon filter (option K) available.
  • Safety parameters constantly monitored.
  • Tested to BS5726 and BS EN 12469.

The microprocessor controlled membrane keypad allows straightforward operation of fan switching, lights and safety features. The cabinet has audible and visual alarms for air velocity and filter change ensuring maximum protection at all times

The cabinet has a unique sliding/ hinged door mechanism that provides uninterrupted access and a 100% seal for bio-decontamination so no closing panel is needed.

Special offer available to remove and recycle existing cabinets, call for details:

Technical Specifications

Glass Working Height: 200mm
Front Screen: Laminated Glass
Inner Liner: Crevice Free 316 Stainless Steel
Work Area: Recessed 316 Stainless Steel Tray
Construction: Mild Steel with Powder Coating
Noise Level: <65 dBA at 1m
Lighting: 800 lux at Work Surface
Filters: 99.999% HEPA - DOP tested
Electrical Supply: 230v / 50Hz single phase (other voltages available)
Internal Widths Available: 1000mm / 1200mm / 1500mm / 1800mm


Exhaust System (bypass): Formalin Vaporiser LHS
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Vacuum Tap RHS Remote Switching Facility
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