Microflow Class III/I Microbiological Safety Cabinet

Product ID: ABS 111/1

The Class III/I Microbiological Safety Cabinet is a highly specialized product designed for the most hazardous work typically carried out in a containment level 3 or 4 facility.

Like the Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinet this class of cabinet provides protection for both the user and product albeit both to a much higher level.

This adaptable dual purpose cabinet is designed for laboratories where it is essential to have Class III facilities for work on Group 4 organisms, alongside a requirement for Class I work. From Class I mode the cabinet can be instantly closed to become a Class III unit by the ready fitment of a glove port panel, should Group 4 pathogens be identified.

A transfer hatch on the left hand side of the unit allows instruments and materials to be passed inside without disturbing the integrity of the unit. The flexible gloves are easily manipulated by the end user and offer complete isolation from materials being handled.

The inlet and exhaust HEPA filters are designed for maximum operator protection and are protected by pre-filters. In Class III mode the inlet filter provides a stream of filtered air into the cabinet preventing any contamination to materials inside.

The microprocessor controlled membrane keypad allows straightforward operation of fan switching, lights and safety features. The cabinet has audible and visual alarms for air velocity and filter change ensuring maximum protection at all times.


  • Operator protection in Class I mode.
  • Operator and product protection in Class III mode.
  • Dual purpose ducted cabinet.
  • Transfer hatch and glove port panel.
  • Safety parameters constantly monitored.
  • Available with hydrogen peroxide connections.
  • Tested to BS5726 & BS EN 12469.

Technical Specifications

Glass Working Height: 200mm(Class I mode)
Front Screen: Polycarbonate
Inner Liner: Crevice free 316 Stainless Steel
Work Area: Recessed 316 Stainless Steel Tray
Construction: Mild Steel with Powder Coating
Noise Level: 65 dBA at 1m
Lighting: 800 lux at work surface
Filters: 99.999% HEPA - DOP tested
Electrical Supply: 230v / 50Hz single phase (other voltages available)
Internal Widths Available: 1000mm / 1200mm


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