Horizontal Laminar Flow Workstation

Product ID: HLF

The Microflow Horizontal Laminar Flow Workstation is designed specifically for product protection.

The main HEPA filter is situated immediately behind the working area; clean air is then blown across the work surface towards the operator.

The units provide a clean environment ideal for the medical, pharmaceutical, electronics, food and industrial sectors for sterile manipulations, assembly of miniature mechanisms, production of optical preparations or any other application where clean conditions are required to protect the product from airborne contaminants.

This workstation provides:

  • Product protection.
  • Spacious, open working area.
  • Glass side screens for maximum visibility.
  • Compact, versatile workstation.
  • Tested to BS EN ISO 14664-1 Class 5.

The unit provides optimum product protection at all times and for special applications can be operated in reverse flow mode.

The working area has clear glass side screens for optimum visibility within the working environment. The stainless steel work surface makes the unit easy to maintain and integral lighting is standard.

The fan units run at a low speed to prolong their life and maintain a low sound level. The ergonomic design ensures a practical and flexible working area making it suitable for many applications.

Technical Specifications

Glass Working Height: 200mm
Front Screen: Laminated Glass
Inner Liner: Crevice Free 316 Stainless Steel
Work Area: 304 Stainless Steel
Construction: Epoxy Coated Mild Steel
Noise Level: <65 dBA
Lighting: 800 lux at work surface
Filters: 99.999% HEPA - DOP tested - EN1822 H14
Electrical Supply: 230v / 50Hz single phase (Other voltages available)
Internal Widths Available: 1000mm / 1200mm / 1500mm / 1800mm


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