Microflow Class I Microbiological Safety Cabinet

Product ID: ABS1200CLS1D

The Class I Microbiological Safety Cabinet - en12469 2000 definition:

'Safety cabinet with a front aperture through which the operator can carry out manipulations inside the cabinet and which is constructed so that the worker is protected and the escape of airborne particulate contamination generated within the cabinet is controlled by means of an inward airflow through the working front aperture and filtration of the exhaust air'.

The Class 1 Microbiological Safety Cabinet provides a robust wide protected area for the user from aerosol hazards and other particulate matter within the cabinet's working area. All extract air is exhausted through HEPA filtration generally to atmosphere although recirculation models are also available.

Cabinets can be ducted to atmosphere with an anti-blowback valve fitted in the exhaust system at the point where it leaves the cabinet which is readily visible to the operator. To maintain the ducting under negative pressure in the laboratory an optional fan system can be mounted at the end of the duct at the discharge point to atmosphere. The standard fan unit is capable of drawing air through smooth bore ducting up to 30m and discharge against an external wind resistance of 250Pa.

The recirculating model has a double HEPA filter and exhausts air back into the room therefore provision must be made if formaldehyde vapour is being used for cabinet fumigation. BIOQUELL can supply an Option K kit ( a carbon filter unit fitted on top of the cabinet) which provides a simple solution to this problem.

The cabinet has unique sliding/ hinged door mechanism that provides uninterrupted access and a 100% seal for bio-decontamination so no closing panel is needed.

The microprocessor controlled membrane keypad allows straightforward operation of fan switching, lights and safety features. The cabinet also has audible and visual alarms for air velocity and filter change ensuring maximum protection at all times.


  • Operator protection.
  • Ducted or recirculating exhaust options.
  • Carbon filter (Option K) available.
  • Safety parameters constantly monitored.
  • Available with hydrogen peroxide connections.
  • Tested to BS5726 and BS EN 12469.

Technical Specifications

Glass Working Height: 200mm
Front Screen: Laminated Glass
Inner Liner: Crevice Free 316 Stainless Steel
Work Surface: 316 Stainless Steel
Construction: Mild Steel with Powder Coating
Lighting: 800 lux at Work Surface
Filters: 99.999% HEPA
Electrical Supply: 230v / 50Hz single phase (other voltages available)
Internal Widths Available: 1000mm / 1200mm / 1500mm / 1800mm


Exhaust System (bypass): Formalin Vaporiser LHS
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